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Febaruary 2020 - Paperwork Official!!!

Its OFFICIAL!!!! This is the date we filed our official Articles of Incorporation as a Non-Profit in the State of Nevada.  Huge things are coming soon, once our 501c3 status is approved by the IRS we are going to be accomplishing big things for our community and its people!

5/12/2020 - IRS Approved!!

Now recognized as a private foundation from the United States Government. Official IRS 501c3 approval is confirmed.  This is a huge step to unlocking funding from a number of sources which will further empower us to impact our community. Your contribution helps!!!! Click here to Donate Online

July 2022 - Legends Never Die Partnership

Networking and building a connected community is at the heart of our mission. We're super excited to announce our partnership with Legends Never Die Promotions.  Behind the wheels of his promotion company, David Jones has been throwing hip hop shows in the Vegas Valley for nearly 15 years. Tapping into his network of artists and happy customers will be a linchpin to our success through the next few years of growth.

February 2023 - Nothing To Do Las Vegas Partnership

Managed by powerhouse duo Coco Jenkins and Arturo Cecena, There's Nothing To Do Las Vegas is one of the premier cultural engagement groups in the valley.  Their Instagram page boasts over 40,000 followers, with daily event highlights helping support the arts, live music and entertainment and local small businesses.  We're so excited to have them on board!


7/17/21 - Trade Voorhees @ Chanclas Cantina

Our very first show, we learned so much!!!  

10/20/21 - eLZhi @ Ninja Karaoke

 Hip Hop was honored tonight, Slum Village's own eLZhi tore up the stage for a free show on a Wednesday night

9/3/22 - Pawz 1, Copywrite, Guilty Simpson  @ Taverna Costera

Catch out three of underground raps' greatest on one tour. Thats all Dope!  

03/04/23 - Blu & Exile @  The Sand Dollar

Another star studded event headed your way!   Blu & Exile headline a packed line up including Qwel & Maker and Ceschi. What an amazing event, 400+ attendees. $2500 in Small Business Revenue (venue bar separate).

04/29/2023 - Radiate Culture @ The Sand Dollar Downtown

Announcing a new signature show series, "Radiate Culture". This will be a platform to showcase Vegas' local underground talent. Some of the hottest, newest artist from the valley will be tearing up the stage, check out the event here!

05/20/2023 - Homeboy Sandman @  The Sand Dollar Downtown

Line-up Announcement coming soon. Homeboy Sandman & E-trip bless the stage. Check out the event here!

06/17/2023 - THOPfest Competition

AFRO, 60 East, Noa James & The Invisible Ponchos head to Las Vegas to promote their upcoming 6th The Happiness Of Pursuit Festival in Ontario, CA.  Congratulations to Uprite Lions winning a spot at THOPfest 2023... check out the event here!


09/15/2023 - Cormega @ The Sand Dollar Downtown

NY Hip Hop Legend takes the stage in Vegas for the first time!!  more details to be announced!


Our two biggest initial priorities are developing our network of non-profit and Small Business / Entrepreneur partners.  The more active community members we engage, the more value we will be able to add to each and everyone involved.

If you are interested in getting involved, fill out the form below

and we will follow up with you as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you! You will hear from us soon.

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